DX Spotter

DX SpotterEoL Notice


DX Spotter is a DX Cluster client application which offers easy to use filters and alerts.

Main Features

  • Can connect to DX Spider and CC Cluster types of nodes
  • Can be minimized to the system tray and issue alerts for desired spots
  • Supports spot filtering based on DX band, callsign, country, active DXpeditions and worked/new countries
  • Supports three types of alerts: color change, sound alert, icon and balloon popup
  • Reconnects automatically if the connection is interrupted
  • Can be set to start automatically at Windows startup
  • Retrieves previous spots when connection is established
  • Send spots
  • View details about spotted callsigns, such as DXpedition information
  • Statistics – see how many spots have been processed, displayed or how many triggered an alert
  • CAT through Ham Radio Deluxe
    • Tune rig to spot frequency
    • Automatically detect split operation and set rig to split mode
    • Read rig frequency and use it when sending new spots
  • Automatic update of country database
  • It’s free!