Easy QSL

Main Window

Main Window

EoL Notice

Easy QSL is an application designed specifically for filling up paper QSL cards using a printer. It can load an ADIF log file and print the QSL cards with data for each selected QSO. All you have to do is design a Layout appropriate for your own QSL card, load the log file and hit Print.

Main Features

  • Supports ADIF import and export
  • Supports either single card printing, or batch printing for multiple QSOs
  • Simple Layout editor
  • Option to set the color for printed items
  • Option to set date and time format
  • Displays a simple Band/Mode QSL Chart, showing which bands/modes are worked/confirmed for a DXCC entity
  • Uses QRZ.com to get more information about the worked callsigns (requires a QRZ.com subscription; see this page)
  • Available in English, Romanian, Portuguese (thanks to PY5KYW – Marcelo) and Spanish (thanks to EA4GLI – Salvador) languages (if you would like to help with the translation in your language, contact me)
  • It’s Free!

Features planned for the next versions