SOTA Spotter Release Notes

SOTA Spotter 2.8.625

Release date: 30.03.2023

  • Fixed some stability issues

SOTA Spotter 2.8.623

Release date: 07.03.2023

  • Fixed some stability issues

SOTA Spotter 2.8.617

Release date: 26.11.2022

  • Support for Android 13
  • General app speed optimizations
  • Improved error handling

SOTA Spotter 2.7.611

Release date: 18.10.2022

  • Improved reliability when using low-speed network connections
  • Added alert filtering (still in an experimental stage)
  • Added sync indicator
  • Fixed a crash when creating the sync account on some devices
  • Other minor UI improvements and bug fixes

SOTA Spotter 2.6.595

Release date: 29.12.2021

  • Updated the SMS gateways list so that its contents is no longer randomly sorted
  • Added an option to copy the SMS text to the clipboard when posting new spots by SMS
  • Fixed color theme issue (the text cursor was not visible)
  • Other minor UI improvements

SOTA Spotter 2.5.578

Release date: 01.12.2021

  • Improved support for Android 12
  • Dropped support for Android 5.0, 5.1 and 6.0
  • Added a Quick Actions floating button for sending spots/alerts and silencing all notifications
  • Updated icons and themes
  • Fixed a bug where some spot announcements would sometimes be truncated
  • Fixed a bug that prevented a spot/alert from being edited
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when the device time was set in the past
  • Fixed a bug in the summits database update mechanism
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when deleting a spot/alert

SOTA Spotter 2.4.557

Release date: 08.09.2021

  • Fixed an issue spotting via SMS on Android 11 – opening the default SMS app failed
  • Fixed incorrect mode when editing a spot
  • Removed username-spotter validation for editing and deleting spots/alerts

SOTA Spotter 2.4.552

Release date: 18.07.2021

  • Fixed a crash when deleting spot/alert by using the context menu
  • Fixed an issue where two nearby summits with the same name would not appear at the same time in the nearby summits list

SOTA Spotter 2.3.549

Release date: 21.06.2021

  • Fixed a problem where the summits database would become corrupt
  • Save spot/alert data automatically when moving away from the Send screen
  • Redesigned the Summit Details screen
  • Removed quotation marks from names in the summits database

SOTA Spotter 2.2.529

Release date: 12.09.2020

  • Fixed some random crashes (mostly in Summit Details)

SOTA Spotter 2.2.527

Release date: 05.09.2020

  • Improved Light and Dark themes
  • Changed crash reporting SDK

SOTA Spotter 2.1.515

Release date: 13.03.2020

  • Fixed spotting issue

SOTA Spotter 2.1.514

Release date: 23.11.2019

  • Fixed some layout issues on devices with lower DPI displays

SOTA Spotter 2.1.511

Release date: 27.10.2019

  • Added support for the Android 10 Dark Theme
  • Request external storage permissions if the db auto update is enabled
  • Removed AM/PM from UTC times in the Send Alert screen
  • Increased number of retrieved spots
  • Allow typing lower case characters in “Filter by callsign”
  • Remember the last viewed association and region in “Find summits by association”
  • Fixed a crash when loading the map in Summit Details
  • Fixed a crash that occurred sometimes when filtering incoming spots
  • Fixed a crash that occurred in some cases when editing a filter or a notification
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the context menu from appearing if a spot/alert was expanded
  • Fixed a bug that collapsed any expanded spots/alerts when the list was updated
  • Fixed a bug where the mode would overlap the summit reference in the spots list

SOTA Spotter 2.0.484

Release date: 21.08.2019

  • Alerts
  • Edit/Delete spots
  • Edit/Delete alerts
  • Added maidenhead locator grid to Summit Details
  • New notification type: Read aloud (in experimantal stage) – it should read the matching spot data using Text to Speech
  • Removed the PSK and RTTY modes in order to match the options available in SOTAwatch3
  • Dropped support for Android versions earlier than 5.0 Lollipop
  • Increased the minimum distance and time interval for location updates for Find Summits Nearby
  • A general re-design of the user interface, conforming to the Material Design guidelines
    • Added a new tab layout for switching between Spots and Alerts – you can swipe between the two, as well
    • Re-designed old app color themes and added a few new ones
    • Re-designed the Settings screen
    • Used new Material Design icons throughout the user interface
    • Added a new button for posting new spots/alerts in the bottom-right corner of the spots/alerts lists
    • Re-designed the application icon and notifications icon – adaptive icons support a variety of masks which vary from one device to another
    • Added new tool tips for some of the new features
    • Removed the back button from the title bar
    • Made the spots/alerts expandable via a small button – in order to display some extra information
    • Clicking on the summit details text in an expanded spot/alert will open the Summit Details screen
    • Re-designed the band/mode toggle buttons in the Filter/Notification properties screens
    • Added a new context menu for spots/alerts (tap and hold to open it)
  • Fixed an issue when updating the spots in the local database
  • Fixed an issue deleting spots from the local database

SOTA Spotter 1.7.333

Release date: 20.01.2019

  • Fixed missing summits issue when loading summits from database

SOTA Spotter 1.7.331

Release date: 16.12.2018

  • Updated spotting via SMS in accordance with Google’s new Permission policy
  • Improved application stability

SOTA Spotter 1.6.324

Release date: 30.10.2018

  • Improved compatibility with Android 9 “Pie”
  • Improved security for network communication
  • Added marker for current location on nearby summits map
  • Fixed random crashes when syncing data
  • Fixed random crashes when viewing summit details
  • Implemented crash reporting feature (on an opt-in basis)

SOTA Spotter 1.5.308

Release date: 21.09.2018

  • Fixed SMS gateway selection issue

SOTA Spotter 1.5.306

Release date: 16.09.2018

  • Fixed notifications issues on Android 8.0 and newer
  • Fixed SMS gateways update issue
  • Fixed some issues when sending spots via the internet

SOTA Spotter 1.4.293

Release date: 27.08.2018

  • Fixed notification issues on Android 8.0 and newer
  • Other minor bug fixes and performance improvements

SOTA Spotter 1.4.289

Release date: 24.08.2018

  • Added map of summit surroundings in Summit details
  • Added map of nearby summits and SOTA Association/Region summits
  • Fixed display issues on lower DPI screens of Filter/Notification properties
  • Other minor bug fixes and performance improvements

SOTA Spotter 1.3.275

Release date: 28.07.2018

  • Automatic fill of the summit reference when sending spots – if the nearest summit is within 100m
  • Font size setting for texts throughout the app
  • Fixed form typing issues when sending spots
  • Fixed summits database creation issue on Android 9
  • Fixed permissions request for summits database update
  • Various fixes and improvements

SOTA Spotter 1.2.253

Release date: 24.09.2017

  • Fixed a problem when sending spots via the EA, HA and I gateways
  • Fixed a problem with the notifications list
  • Various fixes and improvements

SOTA Spotter 1.1.247

Release date: 15.08.2017

  • Added check for the existence of Google Play services
  • Fixed a problem with the summits database update
  • Fixed some crashes related to filters
  • Fixed an issue with the Nearby summits list (very few summits were displayed)
  • Other minor fixes and performance improvements

SOTA Spotter 1.0.232

Release date: 04.08.2017

  • Ended support for Android Jelly Bean (4.1.X, 4.2.X, 4.3)
  • Multiple associations/regions/summits selection for filters and notifications
  • Replaced periodic sync with push messages for new spots retrieval (reducing power drain)
  • Implemented runtime permission requests
  • Fixed a crash that occurred sometimes during the summits database update
  • Fixed a crash that occurred sometimes when viewing summit details
  • Fixed a problem with database update – current version displayed was wrong in certain scenarios
  • Fixed a display problem with the filters and notifications lists

SOTA Spotter 0.9.176

Release date: 18.02.2017

  • Fixed a random crash
  • Fixed an issue when adding a new filter (band/mode buttons would not activate when enabling band/mode filtering)
  • Minor speed improvements

SOTA Spotter 0.9.172

Release date: 08.01.2017

  • Solved spotting by SMS on some Android versions (thanks K7ZOO)
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

SOTA Spotter 0.9.168

Release date: 01.01.2017

  • Relaxed restrictions for spotted callsign characters (now $, ! and . are accepted)
  • Tapping on a spot opens the Summit Details screen
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

SOTA Spotter 0.9.161

Release date: 08.10.2016

  • Fixed crash when swiping down to refresh

SOTA Spotter 0.9.159

Release date: 05.10.2016

  • Minor feature specs. update to comply with new Google Play requirements
  • Fixed ANR (Application Not Responding) when swiping down to refresh
  • Fixed crash when updating the summits database
  • Fixed random crash when accessing the summits database

SOTA Spotter 0.9.154

Release date: 27.08.2016

  • Removed invalid summits from the summits database
  • Added auto-update feature for the summits database

SOTA Spotter 0.8.120

Release date: 13.08.2016

  • Added ‘Find summits’ feature (nearby and by association)
  • Added navigation directions for summits (bearing and distance)
  • Added summit points badges to the spots list
  • Added units system setting (metric/imperial)
  • Improved date/time stamp for each spot on the spots list
  • Updated summits database
  • Fixed an ANR (Application Not Responding) defect
  • Fixed an issue where the same spot would sometimes be displayed twice

SOTA Spotter 0.7.84

Release date: 13.01.2016

  • Fixed an issue where the spot colors did not appear on some devices

SOTA Spotter 0.7.83

Release date: 13.01.2016

  • Fixed spot receiving
  • Fixed spot sending via the internet
  • Updated summits database

SOTA Spotter 0.6.82

Release date: 17.08.2015

  • Fixed crash when using Vibrate notifications in Android 4.2

SOTA Spotter 0.6.81

Release date: 22.07.2015

  • Spot coloring based on spot age
  • Swipe gesture to manually refresh the spots list
  • Fixed crash in the Filters and Notifications lists
  • Fixed Help files navigation bug
  • Various bugs fixes and improvements

SOTA Spotter 0.5.68

Release date: 17.06.2015

  • Spotting via SMS – using the EA SpotSMS gateway (thanks to EA2CQ) or the SpotSMS HA gateway (thanks to HA5CQZ)
  • Various bugs fixes and improvements

SOTA Spotter 0.4.56

Release date: 01.03.2015

  • Improved spot sending
  • “Remember spot data” allows activators to quickly re-spot themselves
  • Various bugs fixes and improvements

SOTA Spotter 0.3.50

Release date: 25.02.2015

  • Improved filtering
  • Better error reporting
  • Various bugs fixes and improvements

SOTA Spotter 0.3.48

Release date: 24.02.2015

  • Spot filtering (by band, mode, call sign, association, region and summit)
  • Notifications (vibrations, ringtone and LED)
  • New color themes

SOTA Spotter 0.2.23

Release date: 23.10.2014

  • Spotting feature
  • Minor bugs fixed

SOTA Spotter 0.1.14

Release date: 14.10.2014

  • Minor bug fixed

SOTA Spotter 0.1.12

Release date: 14.10.2014

  • Retrieves spots from
  • Can get spots in the background
  • Two color themes